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Welcome to the Official Webpage
The Village of South Bloomfield
Pickaway County, Ohio

New Community Forum

Want to see what is going on and talk with other community members and leaders? Then please visit our new community forum. This is brand new and available to all residents in South Bloomfield and Ashville.
Please visit our community forum and register to be able to talk to friends in the community, post discussion topics, start polls on different things, voice your opinion and vote on polls and generally be able to see who, what, and where things are going on around town.

Newsletter Page Updated 07/09/11 


Village of South Bloomfield
Founded 1804

The Village of South Bloomfield was founded in 1804 and was considered a prominent stagecoach stop on what was called the Columbus-Chillicothe line, now called US Route 23. It was originally the founders hopes the Village of South Bloomfield would become the county seat, however those dreams were not realized.
The Village of South Bloomfield is a quiet community with a close family appeal, while at the same time offering opportunities for businesses growth. South Bloomfield has most recently been noted for the new addition of a Teays Valley Elementary School, which will be located within the Bloomfield Hills, Dominion Homes, subdivision.
As South Bloomfield is located a short distance from Columbus, it has a rural environment with direct access to a large metropolitan area. South Bloomfield is approximatley 15 miles south of Columbus, Ohio on US Route 23 and is approximately 10 miles north of Circleville, Ohio, home of the "Pumpkin Show". South Bloomfield is split by US Route 23, in which almost 50,000 vehicles travel on daily.
South Bloomfield is the fastest growing community in Pickaway County and offers opportunities for business and residential developers, which is why we are
"Dedicated To Progress"
Our website is currently growing and we will continue to add several services and information sources for the community. Please check back often as the site will constantly be updated and new information posted.

In an effort to increase effieciency in communciation with Village residents, the Village of South Bloomfield has taken advantage of a free notification system through
This service is at no cost to the Village or residents, and allows Village officials to send information regarding community advisories, emergency alerts and community events and information by text to phone messages and email.
This will allow Village officials the ability to send information faster and to cover more effected areas more efficiently. Once you sign up as a user at you can select the "Village of South Bloomfield" as your location and select text messages and/or email announcements. Please keep in mind, if you are charged by your cell phone provider for text messages, those charges will be applied.
This will allow immediate notices on boil alerts, major traffic accidents, community events, missing or wanted persons, and much much more.....if you are interested in being involved in these types of notifications please follow the directions on the posting below.
If you have any questions regarding this service please contact either Mayor Rick Wilson or Chief Ken McCoy at 740-983-2541.


You can e-mail us at:

Village of South Bloomfield
5023 S. Union St.
South Bloomfield, Ohio 43103
Office - (740) 983-2541
Fax - (740) 983-4531